LyreBeats-S1 Bluetooth Headphones

LyreBeats-S1 Bluetooth Headphones

4.00 out of 5
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  • Exceptionally comfortable, secure fit: The ergonomic design ensures snug fit; Flat cable eliminates the tangles and hassle during your excercise; High quality silicon eartips and foam tips improve the music listening experience; With IPX4 rating, they will never break by your sweats.
  • Great noise isolation: CVC noise cancellation 6.0 technology eliminate the noise for high quality calls. 
  • Latest Bluetooth 4.1 version with CRS8635 chip: It is quick and easy to connect with any Bluetooth devices. The connection is managed efficiently so the battery can last up to 8 hours. 
  • Strong connection: Ceramic antenna provides a strong connection between your devices and the earphones. Microphone and multiple button allows you to answer calls without touching your phones. 
  • Voice prompt:  This feature lets you know the current status of the earphones like connectivity, battery and other modes; reports incoming call numbers.




Small and Compact Size

LyreBeats-S1 is a sport earphone, which is small and lightweight. It’s also sweat-resistant with IPX4 ratting. The earphones are measured at 9 gram and they are very comfortable to wear and with soft and ulexible earhooks. They fit exceptionally secure in your ears in whatever activities you are engaged in. 

Sports Design

kha nang chong mo hoi cua tai nghe lyrebeats-S1

With sweat resistant feature (IPX4) and rugged designed, the LyreBeats-S1 is perfectly for sports. The entire construction is plastic.


LyreBeats-S1 can pair with any Bluetooth enabled devices such as, smart phone, tablets and laptops (Window, Mac, Android, iOS) with standards A2DP/AVRCP/HSP/HFP. The pairing process is easy and simple. Once connected the earphones will automatically pair with your phones when you turn on Bluetooth. It also has a wide range of connection which can maintain solid connection of the earphones with your devices within 10 m. Leave your phones elsewhere in your room and enjoy the music.

Multiple point connection allow the earphone pair with 2 devices at the same time, so you can easily switch back and forth between them.

HD Audio

LyreBeats-S1 is equipped with chip CSR8635, which enhances the music details and bass but keep the sound natural. 

Strong Battery Life

Thời lượng pin của tai nghe Bluetooth LyreBeats

Built with high capacity battery (Lithium) LyreBeats-S1 can last up to 7 hours. You can use it throughout the day without charging.

They are fully charged within 2 hours and have 250 hours standby time.

More Comfortable With Foam Tips

Choose the preferred eartips. The sound will be warmer and the bass is stronger with foam tips compared to silicon tips.

A carrying case to store accessories

What’s In The Box

  • Charing cable (USB, micro USB)
  • Carrying case
  • 3 pairs of silicon tips (S, M, L), 3 pairs of foam tips (foam)
  • Cable management accessory
  • User manual (English)

Product Information

Color: Black, Green

Size of earpiece: 32x16x24mm (without earhooks)

Weight: 9g

ASIN: LB00001

Model: LyreBeats-S1

User Manual (PDF)

1 year for headphones and headsets
Driver Dynamic
Frequency response 2Hz-20kHz
Batter type Polymer Lithium Ion
Battery life 6-8 hours
Cable Flat, resistant to tangles
Length of cable 0.5 m
Bluetooth Version V4.1+EDR
Weight  9g
Model LyreBeats-S1
Country of origin China

Customers Q&A 

How long the earphones can play music?
It depends on the volume level of the earphones, but they can last up to 7 hours at 60% of the maximum volume. If the volume level is lower, they can last longer.

Can I use the earphones to make calls?
Yes, there is a microphone on the left earpiece and with noise cancellation CVC 6.0 technology, your calls will not be interfered by the ambient noise.

How can I check the battery status?
You can check the battery level of the earphones on iOS devices, which appears on the upper right of the screen. However, this doesn’t apply for other devices. When the battery is low, there will be a voice prompt “battery low” and the LED blinks bluet/red and after 10 seconds the earphones will turn off. We are developing Android App that you can check the battery level of the earphones, please check back for update.

How do I connect my phones to LyreBeats-S1?
Open the setting on your phones, turn on the earphones by press and hold the multiple button on the right earpiece until the LED blinks blue/red, the earphones is now at pairing mode. The LyreBeats-S1 will appear on the setting, just touch and pair. Once connected, the LED will turn blue.

Can I listen to the music while the earphones are charged?
Because of safety, once you charge the earphones, they will automatically turn off. So you can’t do it.

Do the earphones connect to TV?
Yes, if your TV supports Bluetooth, otherwise you are going to need a Bluetooth transmitter for your TV.

Do LyreBeat-S1 pair with my iPhones?
Definitely yes, they can connect with any Apple devices like iPad, Mac, MacBook Air…

1 review for LyreBeats-S1 Bluetooth Headphones

  1. 4 out of 5


    They sound good and never fall out. I wish the bass would be more solid and the treble is more clear, but for the price I think LyreBeats-S1 are definitely worth it, sounding great for the price.

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